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“For thousands of years, spiritual dancing remained an integral part of how we maintained and enhanced our relationship to the Earth. To 'dance like nature' was to vibrate at the same rate as the creator, much in the same way as any newborn child will mimic its environment out of love and appreciation for its existence.“
~ Wilbert Alix

Trance Dance Ritual

“Like all vibrant elements of nature, human beings grow into the light, but transform in the dark.”
~ Wilbert Alix

Graphic of DancerTrance dance allows the mind to empty itself of itself. Through the healing power of inedited movement, spirit is invited to reside within, allowing the dancers to weave themselves back to wholeness, while trusting the process of perpetual transformation. Into the void that exists beyond space and time, the dancer becomes the dance. By merging into infinite space, the dancer becomes all encompassing.

In this open state of being, the entranced dancer connects with the cycles of life, death and rebirth, and with the ancestral heritage of human emotions, from ecstasy to struggle, thereby facilitating the release of stagnant energy. When the natural movements and sounds of the body are unleashed, without restrictions or rules, the dancer becomes free from the bondage of the past and the expectation for the future. As the dancer moves into trance, the primal life-force that dwells at the core of each being is awakened, bringing along spiritual evolution, healing and wholeness into one’s existence.

To help the dancer go into a state of non-ordinary reality, beyond the confinement of worldly concerns, habits, projections, rational analysis and inherited beliefs, trance dance uses tools to overwhelm the mind so that spirit can manifest. The means employed are the practice of clear intention, breath work, rhythmic stimulation, unedited movement, and the neo-shamanic use of a blindfold to provide the dancer with the protective cover of darkness.


I wanted to thank you once again for offering the incredible exploration of Trance dance. It is such a gift to partake in this ritual.  It was the third time, only, for me.  Because of the trust I have for you and the other beautiful guardians, and because of familiarity of the ritual, I am able to let go deeper each time.  Last evening some shadows emerged for me to love and make peace with.  There were times when I found it difficult to keep 'looking' and found myself contracting.  However, I recalled your words and stood open to them.  I am very glad that I did.  Along with saying 'no' I also caught a glimpse of what was in my own beautiful heart - it was big and held such deep love....

Thank you so much for choosing to share this ritual with the community.  It is amazing what one can release: it would take years of psychotherapy on a psychologists couch to release what I did, yesterday! <Smile>

~ Michelle, January 2010, www.touchyoga.ca

Trance Dance breaks through the "nice"-barrier. Here, blindfolded to any outside appraisal, we are invited to become real - and to find the Wisdom and that individual Purpose which our own hidden body-feelings and emotions have to show us. Trance Dance sessions help release the mind and forge a deep connection with an enlightened knowing at a level it otherwise can take a decade or more of dedicated practise to reach. Trance Dance - through the breath, through special music and rhythm, and through the safety of a held space - takes us into the "treasury of our own hidden wisdom". In the dream-world of the Dance, the inner veils are parted/lifted and we are given empowering visions and keys to the life-changes we long for - and, "as we start to embrace the dark, we heal the hurt!"

I can honestly say that Trance Dance sessions led by Maryse and the guardians chosen to keep a safe space are, quite simply, awesome. Her deep skill, her intuitive wisdom and training, combined with an intense compassionate humility for the divinity and rightness of each person's process gives all of us, the participants, the protected container we need to explore the darkest worlds within - in real safety.

~ John Overton, April/09, www.christaltemple.com

For more information on trance dance ritual visit: www.trancedance.com

Trance dance video: http://www.trancedance.com/home.do?&contentItemId=12