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"she sings from the knowing of los ovarios, a knowing from deep within the body, deep within the mind, deep within the soul."
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Temple Arts


GraphicCome explore, through the sacred healing arts, the inner temple of your being. Through a chakra journey, we will practice rituals, yoga, meditation, journaling, sound healing, creativity, sharing, nature connection...to tap into the hidden potential resting in our very core. As 2012 bring great shifts on an individual and collective level, this program is designed to ground, nurture, energize and centre ourselves in the most creative way so we may enter this new cycle with our full potential..

* Temple arts can be offered as a day workshop, a weekend retreat or a whole week immersion. If you wish to organize temple arts in your community, festival or conference, please contact me.

8 weeks program
Starting MONDAY October 1 to November 19, 2012
From 7 to 9:30pm
120$ or 100$ (if registered before September 24.)
Maximum participants: 10
Location: in Herring Cove, N.S.


Deep fluidity with the offerings!  Such Gratitude!  
Watery rhythms rippling
Body form fusing into the Big Space
Tree growing within
Form vivid, transfusing anew
Boundaries falling, falling away, Flow felt!
Soothing, Empowering,