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About SuryaChandra

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SuryaChandra (the Sun and the Moon) is a spiritual world music ensemble that explores sounds, visuals, lyrics and movements from various languages, cultures and spiritual traditions across the planet. SuryaChandra offers a colourful spiritual journey and a taste of the infinite ways of connecting with the Universal.


Daniel McNeil:   sitar, guitar, tabla, darbouka, voice.

John Coleman:   sitar, harmonium, voice, bass, israj. www.fallriveryoga.com

Michelle Murton:   voice, harmonium, percussion, bass.  www.fallriveryoga.com

Julie Hopkins:   visual projections.

Vidhu:   oud (Arabian Lute), guitar, Celtic bouzouki, voice.

Maryz:   Paraguayan harp, voice, flute, percussion.


A little taste of our new upcoming album ' Sundaram' (runs 5:41)

SuryaChandra 2010 (runs 3:11)