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Special Events & Gatherings

Sacred Beauty- the Goddess revealed

Sunday November 10th, 2013
Arrive 9:45 am Depart 5:30 pm
Sacred Exchange: $ 98

Holding sacred space enables connection to our ancestral power and wisdom and helps us weave our highest dreams and visions for the greatest good of all.

Ritual nourishes our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In this modern era there are fewer opportunities to honour these rites but they are not forgotten. They are alive, etched in the fabric of our feminine essence, drenched in our cellular memory, and they are always waiting to awaken! The heart of the Goddess blossoms when women recognize their true, simple, and gentle beauty as divinity itself. When we share in sacred dance and movement, partake in food together, create with our hands and our voices, we invite grace to inhabit our body-temple and invoke power and spiritual meaning into our daily lives.

This journey is an invitation to all women who seek to embrace true and authentic beauty. We will share in practices that respect the natural cycles of impermanence that spiral into our lives ceaselessly.
We will experience the body as an oracle, a divine communication instrument for truth and inner guidance. Let us enter into the sanctuary of the Goddess – each as a unique expression of grace and honouring all that we are!
We are pleased to host you on this journey.

Fall River Yoga Centre
1397 Fall River Road
Info: 576-YOGA or info@fallriveryoga.com

Namaste & Blessings, Maryz & Michelle



Sunday November 24, 2013

All day sacred chant, yoga and dance festival!
9:30am to10pm
Danspace: 1531 Grafton Street, Halifax

Fundraiser for the North Mountain Animal Sanctuary and for Charley, our piggy friend.
By donation

Details and schedule TBA

Website of the animal sanctuary: www.nmas.webs.com