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The Dance of Life

“Of what is the body made? It is made of emptiness and rhythm. At the ultimate heart of the body, at the heart of the world, there is no solidity. Once again, there is only the dance.”
~ George Leonard

The memory of our ancestral heritage still echoes in our being when we close our eyes to the obvious and dive into the spirit within, where mystery dwells. Since the beginning of time, there is only the dance; a dance that pulses with the primordial rhythm of the universe. From contraction to expansion, from nothingness to the formation of galaxies, from atoms to dust particles and meteors, from clouds to planets and stars, from algae to trees and animals, from insects to humans, evolution has created an interweaving pattern in which each link connects every part to the whole. This is the ultimate dance of creation, preservation and dissolution, in which nothing has greater or lesser in importance. All is required for the whole to be whole.

Dance is one of the most primal expressions of the soul in its longing for spiritual connection. As we shapeshift our body into myriads of forms, our soul can travel, free from the constriction of the mind and the construction of our personality, which we rehearse every day. As we enter into an altered state of consciousness, we can become the spirit of animals, insects and plants. We can embody the qualities of the elements and carry the medicine of things, animate and inanimate, visible and invisible, big and small. Through dance, we get to deeply understand the genetic instructions that are engraved in our genes and that we inherited from our ancestral lineage.

Through dance, the body enters the path of least resistance; the mind enters a state of trance, while the soul is free to merge with the source of all. Dance brings insight into the infinite. Dance provides direct spiritual and experiential knowledge, as our sense of duality dissolves into the light of intuitive understanding. Through dance, our rational and mundane thinking, which is bound to time and space, surrenders to the sacred awe of unexplainable mystery. Through dance, we become alive, connected, ecstatic, whole, present and unbound.

Dance is the Universe swirling, the Earth circling, the Sun shining, the Moon reflecting, the Vortexes spinning, the Rivers flowing, The Hearts beating, Us laughing, crying, sweating, transforming. Through dance, we are free at last from the bondage of the guise. In the dance of impermanence, we are lost and found. From darkness to light, mystery reveals itself, never to be fully grasped.

Dance Of Life Retreat

Since we are all part of the cosmic dance and dance is in everything we are and everything we do, Dance of life retreat is a symbiosis of all what is offered on this site. It is a journey of self discovery through movement, sound, creativity, rituals, meditation and nature connection. If you wish to host a Dance of Life retreat in your area contact Dance of Life