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May our greatest struggles becomes our greatest blessings.

Oh, beautiful darkness...
 Queen of mystery,
 Mistress of the blackest night.
 I bow to you, humbled & speechless
 I surrender the tender vulnerability of my heart to your pulse.
 I find shelter in your silence, and seek grace in the face of the unknown.

The glimpse of a moment lost in the eternal.
The magic of synchronicity knitting harmoniously every fibre to the same cosmic shawl.
the feeling of belonging, as each being shines his or her true essence,
coloured with power, generosity, humility and grace.

Welcome, spirit of the water dragon!
We are opening up to the creative transformation that you are carrying as a medicine.
As we learn to shift swiftly and fluidly through the contrasting tempers of fire and water,
May we all remain connected to our hearts
May we all remain connected to our hearts in truth
And love