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Contemplation Archive

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The river of life flows
Across the current of impermanence
Without asking why or how, swirling from one vessel to the next,
The river of life flows,


Twist yourself into the cosmic whirl of infinity.
Exhale the resistances you have
towards the absolute letting go.
The state of perfection is to be whole.
Wholeness is to embrace and understand
lights and shadows.
Dive into wholeness.
Twirl into the eternal spiral of life.


La réponse à la question gît dans le ventre du silence...
Plonge dans les profondeurs de ton être et dissous le doute de ton esprit.


Extract yourself of yourself,
distilling denser material into the finer essence of spirit.
Give away all that you are and share your medicine to the world.

What a haunting, bitter-sweet experience
to live in a corporeal reality,
and being reminded, at the threshold between two worlds,
that everything changes and disappears.
May we learn to surrender in peace & beauty
as we continually journey into the womb of mystery...

From seed to seed,
entrained in the endless cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution,
life perpetuates life onto life.
Amidst Infinity, what else can we do than to exist now?
In total abandon, let’s merge into one another,
while pulsing and shape-shifting in harmony with the cosmic dance.
No need to hold on,
as no grip is strong enough to keep the wheel from turning…

Do you know how beautiful you are?
Shine, oh sweetheart!
Shine in divine beauty!
Within the enfoldment of your existence,
believe in universal perfection.
Use the obstacles you encounter,
just as seeds use the constriction of dark matter to grow higher into the light,

Dance freely!
Rock and roll into the sand of time…
Flow into the ocean of impermanence.
Adapt to the waves of change gracefully,
while being slowly molded by wind, fire and rain.
As an embodied spirit, dwell on what is natural, true and sacred…


Stillness is the Mother of wisdom. 


Stepping onto the ground is a sacred act.
It is the affirmation of our aliveness.
Like the beads of a japa mala, each footstep reveals the resonance of our true being.


“I am that I am”!
Emptiness in what seems solid.
Present in my effacement.
Lost and found.
Alone, but never lonely.
“I am that I am”!
A majestic tree within a tiny seed.
Light expressed into a leaf.
The Universe gardening a landscape.


Let’s humble ourselves
as we explore the innocence of our first steps,
spinning into the cycle of a new era,
and completely clueless of what will happen next.


Utter the sacred sound.
The universe expresses through
the portal of your lips.
Channel the energy of the heart,
And allow vibration to penetrate the space
Between the lover and the beloved.

Aux confins de l’infini n’existe que l’expérience ultime du moment.


Let the Sun spark a brand new day into being.
Expand to the light,trust,
Anything is possible!


Mountain of unspoken beauty!
Mountain of perspective!
Mountain of courage!
Mountain of respect!
Mountain of peace!
Mountain of devotion!
Mountain of loving kindness!


Knowingness of the highest truth within one’s heart;
The seeker follows the enticing rhythm of love, and the vision of wholeness.
Knowingness of a seed ready to sprout into the light;
Union of Heaven and Earth!


The penetrating sound of silence
rings into the silence of sound.
Be still, listen.
Expand your perception without favoring
one spectrum over the other.
Become the sound and the silence.
Know that one cannot exist without the other,
like day and night, male and female, life and death.
Embrace the poles and attune to the cosmic vibration
which is all encompassing, pervasive, infinite, whole!


Envy is the sister of sorrow, separation, judgment and misunderstanding.
Know your role into the vast web of life, stop comparing yourself to others and weave beauty, acceptance, wisdom and contentment into existence.
Let's join forces!

Au point le plus pénétrant de l'obscurité émerge la lumière!

Oh, beautiful darkness...
Queen of mystery,
Mistress of the blackest night.
I bow to you, humbled & speechless>
I surrender the tender vulnerability of my heart to your pulse.
I find shelter in your silence, and seek grace in the face of the unknown.

Relax, release, empty yourself of all the stories.
Shake, spin, swirl, dance onto the edge, where all things meld & disappear.
Surrender into the void, beyond space and time.
Dance the spiral into infinity!

As we approach Winter Solstice,
we dive into the longest night of the year.
It marks the end of a cycle
and the birthing of a new beginning.
From darkness to light and from light to darkness,
we flow round and round.
And like the cosmic snake,
we shed through rhythmical patterns,
entrained by the pulse of the Universe.
Let go of what you no longer need and move on.

Trust and surrender.

Let your breath set the groove.
 Feel the currents moving in and out of your nostrils.
Follow the fluctuations of existence, mindfully and patiently.
 Say yes to the unpredictable, and flow along with the breath of life. Trust and unleash!