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"Let the beauty we love be what we do."

~ Rumi

Calendar of Events

We are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. If you would like to register for one of the courses, workshops and events on the listings, or would like to organize a workshop in your own community, please contact me here. The workshops can be offered in English or French. If you wish to be added to our mailing list, please let me know.

For all SuryaChandra spiritual concert and kirtan, information on our Fall offering 2015 or to book a kirtan in your community.

Visit us: SuryaChandra


Yoga & Chanting for women

Start Monday September 14 - November 23, 2015
7-9 pm

This deep heartfelt 10 weeks yoga & chanting journey is designed for women who wishes to explore hatha yoga, meditation, mudras, pranayama, and the healing power of their voices. This gentle approach is based on ancient tantric practices of yoga & the chanting of the divine names.

Early bird registration (if registered before September 8): 120$
After this date the cost will be 150$. Space limited.
Location: Herring Cove, N.S
Registration:  yogicweaver@gmail.com902 477


Saraswati; a creative transmission

Sunday October 4, 2015
1- 6 pm

Through music, ritual, yoga, self-inquiry and meditation, allow the goddess Saraswati to transmit her wisdom. Let her exhume the finest quality in you, that of wisdom, imagination, creativity, musicality, speech, concentration & knowledge. This day long workshop will be an opportunity to explore your creative Self in a gentle, deep & nurturing way.

Location: Herring Cove
Early bird registration: 50$ (if registered before September 21), after this date the price is 70$
(snack & tea provided)
e-mail: yogicweaver@gmail.com
Bring a journal, pen & blanket.

Space limited

Hatha Yoga series

Wednesday September 16, until November 25, 2015
Morning: 10:30 am- 12 pm, or
Evening: 6:30-8 pm
10 weeks session: 90$
Herring Cove, N.S

These Hatha Yoga session will focus on slow and gentle body movement & postures, breath awareness, meditation and yogic wisdom. Please register in advance, space limited.
More information on Hatha Yoga

Contact: yogicweaver@gmail.com 902 47

Barefoot Ecstatic Dance

Saturday September 19, 2015

7:30 - 10 pm

Surrender to the music and open up to spontaneous movement.
There is no right or wrong way of moving, nor are you striving for a beautiful way of moving.
Let your unique dance of today emerge!

DANSpace: 1531 Grafton St., 3rd Floor
$10 or pay what you can
children welcome
Info: 576-5170

Dance is freedom!

Join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/barefootecstaticdance/


Previous offerings

SuryaChandra CD Release Celebration!

Saturday December 6th 2014 at 7:30 pm
Fall River Yoga Centre - 1397 Fall River Road, Fall River, NS

Our new CD, "Sundaram", has arrived and we are looking forward to sharing it with you. It is dedicated to all who have taught, guided, and chanted with us over the years.

In Sanskrit, Sundaram means beauty. Please join us for an evening celebrating the beauty that exists in All of Life – with music, mantra, food and community.

7:30 pm - guided relaxation accompanied by a live soundscape followed by a comfortable, meditative listening experience with the new CD, “Sundaram”.

8:30 pm – Kirtan followed by Snacks & a community celebration!

This is a CELEBRATION and so there is no cost to attend. Feel free to bring some $acred exchange for CD's and unique handcrafted artisan gifts created by members of SuryaChandra!

This will be our last offering together as SuryaChandra until late summer 2015!

Visit us at: www.suryachandra.net or join us on FB at: www.facebook.com/suryachandramusic


Kirtan at the Grand Opening of Angel's Essentials Boutique Sunday October 26, 2014


Please join us for a day of celebrations starting at
11:30 am

Angels' Essentials has expanded into a permanent location at 1306 Bedford hwy. They offer a vast array of products
and services to help you reach a state of optimum health and wellness.

Opening specials and No tax on selected products. Also on that day variety of treatments offered on-site, soap making demo, talk about astrology, yummy food and drinks.
Visit their web site at: www.angels-essentials.com/#!
Canadian College of Acupuncture: 1306 Bedford hwy


Facial yoga

Saturday November 1, 2014
13:40- 17:30

There are over 30 muscles on the human head. These muscles are just as important to tone as the rest of the body. Our face is constantly exposed to the elements, and to the atmospheric pollutants of our environment. Our negligence in properly clearing away these toxins absorbed through the nose, mouth ears, skin and eyes, and our lack of proper facial exercises contributes to pre-mature aging. Especially at the Fall of our life cycle, when the skin slowly surrenders to the pull of gravity and the fabric of our body starts to soften, wrinkle and sag.
Facial Yoga, based on the ancient beauty way of Ayurveda helps to naturally nurture the radiance of our skin. Through the yogic use of water, live plants, toning, stretching and relaxing facial exercises, learn an inexpensive, efficient and simple practice of caring for your facial tissues. This practice increases also mental clarity and the overall aliveness of our beings, by stimulating circulation.
This afternoon will be a delectable, fun and nurturing space of caring for ourselves and others while learning a technique that you can practice by yourselves in less than 5 minutes, as needed.

Cost: 40$
Maximum 8 participants
Snacks provided
For more info or to reserve a space: (902) 477-1075(902) 477-1075.
I have been trained in Rishikesh, India by Mary Kingsley, You can visit her web site for more details: www.ayurvedicfacialyoga.com


Chanting and meditation

Date TBA soon, 2014
7:30 pm

Join us around the wood stove for an evening of chanting and meditation. At the end of the satsang, we will share a finger snack potluck.

Free event.
Herring Cove.
Phone: 902- 477-1075902- 477-1075


Sacred Beauty

November 2, 2014

9:45 am- 4:30 pm

Holding sacred space enables connection to our ancestral power and wisdom and helps us weave our highest dreams and visions for the greatest good of all.

Ritual nourishes our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In this modern era there are fewer opportunities to honour these rites but they are not forgotten. They are alive, etched in the fabric of our feminine essence, drenched in our cellular memory, and they are always waiting to awaken! The heart of the Goddess blossoms when women recognize their true, simple, and gentle beauty as divinity itself. When we share in sacred dance and movement, partake in food together, create with our hands and our voices, we invite grace to inhabit our body-temple and invoke power and spiritual meaning into our daily lives.This journey is an invitation to all women who seek to embrace true and authentic beauty. We will share in practices that respect the natural cycles of impermanence that spiral into our lives ceaselessly.We will experience the body as an oracle, a divine communication instrument for truth and inner guidance. Let us enter into the sanctuary of the Goddess – each as a unique expression of grace and honoring all that we are!

Our time together will include adornment and sacred marking, creation of a precious stone pendant, sensual yoga blended with an ecstatic posture of the goddess Inanna, and other delicious and blissful practices of devotion and connection...

Sacred Exchange: $ 65.00 (includes all supplies)
**You will be asked to bring some food to share as part of a ritual potluck of beauty and vitality

Hosted by Michelle Murton and Maryz

Fall River Yoga Center: 1397 Fall River Road, Fall River, N.S.

Telephone: 902-576-YOGA902-576-YOGA (9642)

Email: info@fallriveryoga.com



Trance Dance Ritual

Saturday, November 8, 2014 (only one offered until September 2015)
7:30-10:30 p.m
DANSpace, 1531 Grafton Street
Cost: $15

Join the trance dance ritual as you journey from darkness to light. With the use of blindfolds, clear intention, a breathing technique called the breath of fire and a unique weaving of tribal rhythms, retrieve the source of your creative self as you tap into the spirit within.

( Bring a bandana, yoga mat and blanket.)

“The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come.  At the darkest moment comes the light.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                     – Joseph Campbell


Chair Yoga and Sound Healing

At Angel's Essentials
1306 Bedford Hwy, Canadian Acupuncture College

Tuesday Nov 4 and 18

7-9 pm

These two classes will offer a gentle form of yoga that is practised sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. We will focus on breath awareness and will use our voice to tone different energy centres in the body, in order to create more vitality, calm, harmony and health on a deep cellular level.  This practice is accessible to all physical conditions.

1 class: 20$
Sign up for the 2 classes and pay 30$
Register with Angel at: 902-229-6623902-229-6623



Bear & Roots Medicine

Sunday, November 23

The portal of winter is opening, beckoning.
Like the bear, return to your inner cave.
Tap into your earthy roots; restore and
renew your life force.

• slow, rooted yoga practice
• root medicine (make a herbal honey)
• sacred roots amulet making
• ecstatic body posture of the healing bear
• communal, earthy root stew
Cost: $50 includes meal and amulet
Location: Fall River
Bring blanket, cushion, yoga mat, journal and pen

Contact Maryz 902-477-1075902-477-1075 or Gaëlle 902-576-5170902-576-5170 to register.


Yin Yoga and Sound Healing

Thursday November 28, 2013
7-9:15 pm
Cost: 20$
Space limited to 9 participants, please register before coming.

Yin Yoga is a deeply meditative practice in which you passively hold postures for an extended period of time in order to encourage the slow and safe opening and strengthening of connective tissues within the body. When combined with sound vibration, Yin Yoga becomes a powerful practice to energize the meridians, hydrate human tissue, regulate the breath and relax the nervous system. The sonic vibration dissolves physical and emotional obstruction, while stimulating the free flow of life-force energy throughout the whole being. As we hold a posture, we let the sound be our teacher, and we become a resonating chamber that is tuned to the cosmic pulse of the Universe.


Divine Feminine:

Exploring the Creative, Nourishing power of Darkness

Saturday, November 30, 2013

At Avalon Gardens: 1199 Russia Road, Black Rock, (20 minutes north of Berwick)
The long and dark nites of this time of year invite us to  experience the more Yin aspect of our energy. Yin as in the receptive, feminine, soft, quiet, reflective, creative, watery, moon like, womb like energies. Through the practises of yoga, breath, ceremony and sounding we will cultivate and explore the soil of the soul, unveiling hidden aspects of ourselves and embracing the beauty and wisdom of Darkness. Maryz and Cheendana invite you in exploring supportive ways to nourish and celebrate our deep feminine nature in creative and intuitive approaches to stay in a tune with the flow of our lives, allowing our true expression and purpose to unfold.

Come to all or some of the day.
Bring journal, blanket, drums, rattles...
fees are as noted plus $10 for Lunch
Dinner will be Pot Luck
Yoga and Sound  Healing

10 am - 12 noon
A yogic journey into the inner landscape of our being. The journey will be accompanied by live soundscapes, including your own voice. An opportunity to delve deep into yourself in a playful nourishing way thru partner and group poses, exploring the source of creativity.
Cost: $15 - $30 (sliding scale)
Limited to 10 women

Grace and  Power,  Embracing the  Dark Goddess.

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
As we slowly venture into the darkest time of the year, let's embrace this moment of introspection to explore the deep hidden undercurrent of our psyche, and find the  power of our true creative life-force.
Through prayer, chant, ritual, sacred movement, ecstatic body posture, creative writing and sharing, embody the full potential of your being.
Bring journal, pen .

Cost:  $30 - $45 (sliding scale)
Limited to 15 women

Dark Goddess chanting meditation evening

Join us under the soothing chamber of obscurity and connect with the nurturing and regenerative aspect of the Dark Goddess. The event will be a journey of stillness through meditation and chanting. The evening will start with grounding, toning and centering exercises. In total darkness, we will then chant the sacred sound of Aum for about 20 minutes. After each chanting practice, there will be a guided meditation. From the Universal mantra aum, will will chant the divine name of the dark Goddess as Kali and also Inanna. We will complete with a collective power chant. Bring along your drums and rattles and come celebrate the vital life force awakened through stillness, silence and sound healing.
7-9pm at Avalon Gardens Studio
Suggested Donation $10
To Register: Contact Cheendana at chee@somagardens.com


Yin Yoga and Sound Healing

Thursday October 17, 2013
Location: 2 Joe Cracker Road, Herring Cove.
Cost: 20$
Space limited to 8 participants, please register before coming.

Yin Yoga is a deeply meditative practice in which you passively hold postures for an extended period of time in order to encourage the slow and safe opening and strengthening of connective tissues within the body. When combined with sound vibration, Yin Yoga becomes a powerful practice to energize the meridians, hydrate human tissue, regulate the breath and relax the nervous system. The sonic vibration dissolves physical and emotional obstruction, while stimulating the free flow of life-force energy throughout the whole being. As we hold a posture, we let the sound be our teacher, and we become a resonating chamber that is tuned to the cosmic pulse of the Universe.


Lunar Goddess journey

Friday October 18, 2013
7:30 to 10 pm

Journey into the heart of the warrior Goddess! On October 18, the full Moon lunar eclipse in Aries will be a great time for us to draw upon courage and empowerment in our life. This evening will nurture the stillness necessary for you to tap into a new level of awareness. Through meditation, chanting and Goddess rituals, allow yourself to ease into your greatest potential! 

Where: 2 Joe Cracker, Herring Cove.

By donation

E-mail to reserve your space: yogicweaver@gmail.com


Coming Aum, chanting evening

Friday September 13, 2013
By donation

As the busy time of the year churn our core to action, let's immerse ourselves in the soothing chambers of our beings and chant the Universal sound of Aum together. We will simply chant together for 1: 30 hour the sacred mantra Aum. We will start the evening by setting intention and warming up exercises.

"Om is the primordial throb of the universe. It is the sound form of Atma (Consciousness)." 
                                                                                     - Maitri Upanishad