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"Let the beauty we love be what we do."

~ Rumi

Calendar of Events

We are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. If you would like to register for one of the courses, workshops and events on the listings, or would like to organize a workshop in your own community, please contact me here. The workshops can be offered in English or French. If you wish to be added to our mailing list, please let me know.

P.S We are away in Asia until June 2016, the workshops & classes in Canada will start again around this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

For all SuryaChandra spiritual concert and kirtan, information on our Fall offering 2015 or to book a kirtan in your community.

Visit us: SuryaChandra


Yoga & Chanting for women

Start Monday September 14 - November 23, 2015
7-9 pm

This deep heartfelt 10 weeks yoga & chanting journey is designed for women who wishes to explore hatha yoga, meditation, mudras, pranayama, and the healing power of their voices. This gentle approach is based on ancient tantric practices of yoga & the chanting of the divine names.

Early bird registration (if registered before September 8): 120$
After this date the cost will be 150$. Space limited.
Location: Herring Cove, N.S
Registration:  yogicweaver@gmail.com902 477


Supermoon & Lunar Eclipse Chanting & Meditation

Sunday September 27, 2015
7 pm

To all the kirtan and stargazers lovers,

A total lunar eclipse will share the sky with a SuperMoon this Sunday after the Kirtan. The Partial eclipse begins at 10:07 p.m, Sunday evening with the total eclipse completing at 11:47 p.m. So for those who wants, and if the sky permits to reveal this magical Natural Wonder, we will go after the Kirtan to the Herring Cove Look-Off so we can witness the beauty of this celestial alchemy.

A supermoon occurs when a full or new moon makes its closest approach to Earth, appearing bigger and brighter than usual. It will be the closest full moon of the year, about 30,000 miles closer than the average distance. The combination of the two will result in a "blood supermoon" - caused by it turning a rusty colour as the moon passes through the Earth's shadow.

So the Chanting & Meditation will start at 7 pm, followed by a finger snack potluck. We will then, for those who wants, make our way to the Ocean, make sure to bring warm layers and appropriate shoes so you can be comfortable by the shore.

Free event.
Herring Cove
For more info contact: yogicweaver@gmail.com

Saraswati; a creative transmission

Sunday October 4, 2015
1- 6 pm

Through music, ritual, yoga, self-inquiry and meditation, allow the goddess Saraswati to transmit her wisdom. Let her exhume the finest quality in you, that of wisdom, imagination, creativity, musicality, speech, concentration & knowledge. This day long workshop will be an opportunity to explore your creative Self in a gentle, deep & nurturing way.

Location: Herring Cove
Early bird registration: 50$ (if registered before September 21), after this date the price is 70$
(snack & tea provided)
e-mail: yogicweaver@gmail.com
Bring a journal, pen & blanket.

Space limited

Hatha Yoga series

Wednesday September 16, until November 25, 2015
Morning: 10:30 am- 12 pm, or
Evening: 7- 8:30 pm.  (For the evening series, I welcome drop in since I have a few spaces available. 10$ drop in fee).
10 weeks session: 90$
Herring Cove, N.S

These Hatha Yoga session will focus on slow and gentle body movement & postures, breath awareness, meditation and yogic wisdom. Please register in advance, space limited.
More information on Hatha Yoga

Contact: yogicweaver@gmail.com

Yin Yoga and Sound Healing

Friday October 23, 2015
7-9:15 pm

Yin Yoga is a deeply meditative practice in which you passively hold postures for an extended period of time in order to encourage the slow and safe opening and strengthening of connective tissues within the body. When combined with sound vibration, Yin Yoga becomes a powerful practice to energize the meridians, hydrate human tissue, regulate the breath and relax the nervous system. The sonic vibration dissolves physical and emotional obstruction, while stimulating the free flow of life-force energy throughout the whole being. As we hold a posture, we let the sound be our teacher, and we become a resonating chamber that is tuned to the cosmic pulse of the Universe.

Cost: 20$
Location: Herring Cove
Contact: yogicweaver@gmail.com

Root Chakra Yoga & Chanting (Cancelled)

Thursday October 29, 2015
7:9:30 pm

Come establish a strong foundation, while intentionally connecting with your root chakra. This centre is your base of support, it is from this seat that you feel the deepest connection with your physical body, your environment and the Earth. To activate a sense of well-being, calm, gentle strength and stability, join us into deep rooted yoga,  earthly sounds & grounding meditation.

Cost: 20$
Location: Herring Cove
To reserve: yogicweaver@gmail.com
Space limited

Spiritual concert, kirtan & Yoga on live music in Fall River Saturday November 7, 2015

Hatha Yoga & Sound Healing on live Music

6-7:30 pm

Join us for an enchanting yogic journey that explores the healing power of conscious movement, breath, and sacred sound.  You will be gently guided to the heart of your inner sanctuary accompanied by mystical elements such as mantra chanting, poetry, earth based wisdom, and mudras.
**Bring a yoga mat, blanket and cushion (we have extras available.)

Cost: 20$+HST

Spiritual Concert & Kirtan
8-9:30 pm

Join us for a blissful and meditative evening of chanting ancient mantras that offer a beautiful way of connecting with the Universal.  We will begin with a short concert to invite us into meditative space, followed by Kirtan – call and response chanting. This is a very old and deep practice and path of Yoga known as Bhakti, the yoga of devotion.  For us, it is the most direct path into the heart of life, love, and Oneness.  No experience necessary!
**Bring a cushion and your voice!

By donation

SuryaChandra (the Sun and the Moon) is a spiritual music ensemble that explores the healing power of sound through devotional chants. Among the musical instruments that you will hear are the Indian sitar, israj and harmonium, the Arabic oud, the Paraguayan harp, the Navajo drone flute and the Celtic bouzouki. To know more about SuryaChandra, please visitwww.suryachandra.net

Fall River Yoga Center: 1397 Fall River Road, Fall River, N.S.

Telephone: 902-576-YOGA902-576-YOGA (9642)

Email: info@fallriveryoga.com



Sacred Beauty

November 8, 2015

9:45 am- 4:30 pm

Holding sacred space enables connection to our ancestral power and wisdom and helps us weave our highest dreams and visions for the greatest good of all.

Ritual nourishes our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In this modern era there are fewer opportunities to honour these rites but they are not forgotten. They are alive, etched in the fabric of our feminine essence, drenched in our cellular memory, and they are always waiting to awaken! The heart of the Goddess blossoms when women recognize their true, simple, and gentle beauty as divinity itself. When we share in sacred dance and movement, partake in food together, create with our hands and our voices, we invite grace to inhabit our body-temple and invoke power and spiritual meaning into our daily lives.This journey is an invitation to all women who seek to embrace true and authentic beauty. We will share in practices that respect the natural cycles of impermanence that spiral into our lives ceaselessly.We will experience the body as an oracle, a divine communication instrument for truth and inner guidance. Let us enter into the sanctuary of the Goddess – each as a unique expression of grace and honoring all that we are!

Our time together will include adornment and sacred marking, sensual yoga & dance journey and other delicious and blissful practices of devotion and connection...

Sacred Exchange:Early bird $ 65.00+ HST (includes all supplies) After Nov 2, 75$
**You will be asked to bring some food to share as part of a ritual potluck of beauty and vitality

Hosted by Michelle Murton and Maryz

Fall River Yoga Center: 1397 Fall River Road, Fall River, N.S.

Telephone: 902-576-YOGA902-576-YOGA (9642)

Email: info@fallriveryoga.com



Blindfolded yoga & Yogic Ecstatic Dance in Fall River Yoga Centre

Sat Nov 14th, 2015

Blindfolded Yoga on live music with SuryaChandra

Journey into the mysterious inner landscape of the body, mind and heart.  Through a blindfolded practice of yoga, where the impulse to look outside of yourself for guidance is being softly shepherd inward, we will embrace our inmost source of wisdom.  Through a tapestry of live sacred sound, healing vibration, inspirational imagery, gentle, slow, clear, yet minimal guidance lead by SuryaChandra, you will be encouraged to follow the trail of your breath and trust the wisdom of your earthly vessel.

6-7:30 pm
20$+ HST

Yogic Ecstatic Dance

Join us in this community event where we will celebrate life through dance, lead by yogic music DJ. This is similar to a Barefoot Ecstatic Dance but with yogic music only, and opening and closing yogic rituals. We will end the dance with around 20 minutes of Auming.

8-10:30 pm
Suggested donation: 10$

Fall River Yoga Center:
1397 Fall River Road, Fall River, N.S.
Telephone: 902-576-YOGA902-576-YOGA (9642)
Email: info@fallriveryoga.com or visit www.fallriveryoga.com

Live Barefoot Ecstatic dance with Eric Mandala & Zu Zen

Saturday November 21, 2015

7:30 - 10 pm

Come and dance to the beautiful, entrancing music of travelling music mercenaries Eric Mandala and Zu Zen. Their music blends electronica with various world instruments, such as the African Kora & kamale n'goni, the Indian sitar & harmonium, and the Australian didgeridoo.

For more info visit: http://ericmandala.com/home.html
$15 at the door.

DANSpace: 1531 Grafton St., 3rd Floor
children welcome
Info: 576-5170

Please come scent free.
Dance is freedom!

Join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/barefootecstaticdance/


Cacao Goddess Ceremony
Sunday Nov 22, 15
1-6:15 pm

An exploration of heart magic and feminine wisdom with the
elixir of the Gods, the sacred cacao medicine. In this journey,
we will go deep within ourselves to reconnect with the beauty,
creativity, grace & intuition of the Divine Goddess . Through
rituals, meditation, yoga, sound healing & creative expression,
come churn  and awaken your vital energy.

Early bird registration before Nov 15: 65$, After this date the price will be 75$
Materials, tea and snack provided.

For more info visit: www.rawthenticchocolate.com

Or e-mail: yogicweaver@gmail.com


Ecstatic Body Posture

Thursday November 26, 2015
7-9:30 pm

Our tribal ancestors have used various gestures, prayers, rhythms, and rituals to expand their mind beyond the realm of ordinary reality. Ecstatic practices were used and are still used today by cultures from around the world as a portal to connect the seen with the unseen. They are used to heal, to unify, and to ask for spiritual guidance. During this ritual we will prepare ourselves to journey into ecstatic trance. This includes establishing sacred space; meditation and breathing practices; and repetitive rhythm work with rattles or drum. Together, we will partake of the ritual through the use of ecstatic postures.

Bring journal, pen, and blanket.
Please confirm your presence before coming to the event.

By donation

For more information on Ecstatic Body Posture visit: